Established in 2017, Atelier ID Global is a Worcester/Boston-based creative agency specializing in brand strategy, visual identity design, marketing strategy, advertising and video production. Our name was derived from the idea of an old world workshop or studio, rooted in time and historically strong. We love helping brands envision their future and then help them create it. Since first impressions are everything, our team uses modern approaches to projects, making sure your brand gets noticed and inspires action. We do our research, uncover your story as it applies to your clients. What sets us apart? We instinctively dive into why and uncover key information to drive your brand forward.

We are Payal Thiffault (Mumbai) and Michelle May (Worcester) and we have worked side by side since 1998. Together, we have proven success with high level clients, celebrities and vendors. We have developed concepts for a social impact incubator, trade shows, restaurants, art festivals, STEM networks, cyber security professionals, fine art exhibitions, staffing agencies, fundraisers, wine importers, paper companies, and we have extensive experience in the wedding industry. 

Today, with technology advancements and online static, businesses need the ability to adapt and react more than ever before, but traditional creative processes are often not enough. Our process is rooted in gaining an extensive understanding of the challenges that face our clients, listening and learning. From there we develop a custom approach that solves existing problems and takes advantage of unseen opportunities. We do this with an agile team of highly capable people to accomplish the project and also lean on creative partners to meet the needs of every assignment and bring the highest quality solutions to life.

We love what we do and are obsessed with creating exceptional work. We look forward to meeting new clients and discovering how we can be an integral part of their business strategy.